About Us

The Golden Egg

Like so many so many other business ideas Where Shall I Wander started life as nothing more than scribble on a scrap of paper over the dinner table. A rushed outline of momentary inspiration, it consisted of few words but more importantly a picture that loosely resembled a goose.

It was some time before I picked up that piece of paper again, tumbling to the bottom of an unused jacket pocket; it wasn’t until I turned out these threadbare troves that I rediscovered that feeling I'd had when the concept first struck me.

The aim at the time seemed surprisingly simple, to bring back that personal experience to which online shopping seems to have lost; of course in reality this took far more thought. Nevertheless it was this encounter that willed me to take this idea further, so behind the scenes of everyday I began to research, to email, to ring; sourcing, and planning to hatch this golden egg into the Where Shall I Wander you see today.